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The Rio Lightmask is a low-cost device for pulsed light therapy (Photic Stimulation) suitable for home use, based on the research into PMS and Migraine, conducted by Dr Duncan Anderson at The Royal Postgraduate Medical School at Hammersmith Hospital in London. The Lightmask consists of a pulsed light unit mounted on a soft wrap-around headband. A separate control unit allows the user to select various programmes and to adjust the brightness and pulse frequency of the light for maximum comfort. The Lightmask switches off automatically after 15 minutes, allowing it to be used when going to sleep. Scientific studies have shown that Photic Stimulation may also be effective for a variety of other disorders including insomnia, relief from chronic pain, stress and Attention Deficit Disorder. Please see our What is Light Therapy used for? section of this website.

Programme 1: PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome)
As a treatment for PMS this programme should be used daily. After a few months, it may be possible to stop using the Lightmask for several days after the period begins, but should be used again before mid-cycle is reached.
Programme 2: Classic Migraine & Migraine Prevention
This programme is for use by all migraine sufferers as a daily preventative treatment. It can also be used for immediate treatment of attacks of classic migraine (migraine which is predicted by warning signs).
Programme 3: Common Migraine
Used for treatment of attacks of common migraine (migraine without warning signs), but is generally not used as a preventative treatment for migraine since its high frequency of operation can make it less effective.
Programme 4: Relaxation & Sleep
This programme is usually used for sleep and relaxation, but may also be helpful to some PMS sufferers. Helping the mind to relax, daily stress is soothed away. This setting may also help with sleeping difficulties.
Programme 5: Advanced
This programme starts with operating the lights at 30 pulses per second. However, the light pulse frequency can be varied from 5 to 50 pulses per second. The other programmes have a more limited range of frequency adjustment around their preset levels. This programme is therefore designed for experimentation of different pulse frequencies.

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